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Foresight Safety Glasses Attach to Almost Any Hard HatSafety

Safety: Foresight Safety Glasses Attach to Almost Any Hard Hat

Available in clear, grey, blue mirror, and yellow.

www.Foresightsafetyglasses.comForesight Safety Glasses are designed with comfort in mind.  They do not irritate your ears or slide down your nose because they attach to your hard hat, not to your head.  They are adjustable and can be raised or lowered under the brim of the hard hat.  There are slots designed to hold most corded ear protection for a complete head protection system.

“We set out to develop a product that would promote the use of safety glasses by making them more comfortable and convenient,” said Brian Jenkins, President of  Worldwide Vision Technologies.  “If you have your hard hat, then you have your safety glasses.  This system also helps keep the glasses from being lost, scratched or misplaced.”

Foresight Safety Glasses are available in clear, grey, blue mirror, and yellow.   All lenses are anti-fog treated and meet ANSI Z87.1 1-2003 standards for high-impact eye protection.  Also available are low-cost replacement lenses and an adaptation to allow users to have prescription lenses made to fit.

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